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Taman Wisata Bougenville

A nature-bound resort, Taman Bougenville boasts with cool and fresh thin air with its mountainous climate. Located on the slopes of Gunung Puntang, the pristine natural atmosphere welcomes you to the tropical rainforest greeneries that differentiate West Java from anywhere else on earth.

The right choice of destination would be Taman Bougenville, should your objective is to emerge and unite with nature, to just for a moment abandon the daily routine, wash away the monotonous day-in day-out activities, and to be in one fun-filled and memorable time to spend together with friends, families and your loved ones, surely, too.

Taman Bougenville is the To Go destination, very suited to hold family gatherings, community events, employee gatherings, school farewell, school reunion, any kind of events and parties, meetings and also corporate and company team-building activities.  Let’s not forget the natural landscape holds many great spots for photo-sessions in the outdoors!

Brand-identity Guidelines

The purpose of these guidelines is to explain the use of the new brand style and to reinforce consistent application of the visual elements in all communications. 
This includes publications, presentations, and all other marketing materials both online and offline. Guidelines on the use of the logo are included.


As a designer I am trying here to bring to life the ideas, the visions, and the taste of every client to be visualized as simple as possible so as to create a logo that functions as an identity of a company or a product and hits the target market it aims to be.

Main Logo

First things first, the Main logo. This is the image you want to pop into your audience’s heads immediately when they think of your brand. This is the logo that will be plastered across the majority of your web and print properties.
Here you can explain to readers a little background on the brand and logo. Why the logo is important to your brand integrity and where and how it should be used.

Taman Bougenville Brand-identity Guideli

Alternate Layouts

Because you’ll be putting your logo across many different platforms, it may be appropriate to have alternate versions of your logo. However, you want to limit these variations and make sure there is consistency when you have to use these logos.
Here you will want to explain when and why you would use these logos along with some examples of the incorrect ways to avoid confusion.


Use when reproduction quality becomes an issue for standard logo and the Horizontal layout logo fills the area more appropriately

Taman Bougenville Brand-identity Guideli


Use when space is too small for standard logo and reproduction quality becomes an issue

Pen MockUp.jpg

Clear Space

Clear space around a logo allows the image maintain its integrity, thus ensuring that a logo is both visible and legitable on anything it may be pasted on.
Here you will want to set a defined measurement. This should be a value that can always be measured, nomatter what the size of the logo ends up being.

Taman Bougenville Brand-identity Guideli

Style tip:
Using an element from your logo instead of a set measurement will make it easier determine the clear space because of scaling.
Your logo won’t always be in the original dimensions you designed it


The color(s) of a logo can be just as important as the layout. We can connect with a logo emotionally, based on color alone. Its crucial that you establish a color palette for your brand as well as the acceptable color formats of your logo.
Here you will want to illustrate each different color combination for your logo along with a color palette that your brand can work off of.

Taman Bougenville Brand-identity Guideli


Like color, typography can tell us a lot about how we want something to be perceived. We can see a word typed out one way, yet think of it completely different in another font. In order to give the audience the right impression of your brand, its vital to choose a set of typeface(s) that display the right message.
Here you will want to pick a set of fonts and how they will accompany your logo. Display the font, the different weights are styles and how they will be used.

Taman Bougenville Brand-identity Guideli

Pool Entry Bracelet Design

gelang tikect 1-01.jpg

Voucher Design

1 gift voucher cempaka 1 view.jpg

Advertising Photography

Based on product character and target market, mostly the visitors are extended families, company gathering groups, scholars and students groups, with participants between 6 and 30 persons.
This asks for a photo concept that describes family, fun, and togetherness.
The romantic couple photos as in a pre-wedding setting of photo MUST BE AVOIDED due to the villas available accomodate 6-30 persons for groups or extended families.

The same goes as well with the facilities on the grounds.These concept of photos may be beautiful and romantic but they do not communicate the product of Taman Wisata Bougenville.


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