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That’s me, my name is Anton.

As we now stand I have been in the creative and design industry for over 17 years, and have accumulated my experiences in various branches of the visual communication design industry.

Having delved into and developed further the visual communication design aspects, these include:

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a form of visual communication that has certain goals which can be achieved through proper graphics designing. It involves aesthetically expressing the concepts by using various graphics tools. Graphics Designing entails to create a layout and to choose the right images, symbols and words to express a message.

Data Visualisation
Data visualization is a form of visual communication where the information and data are represented in a graphical form. The elements which play a key role in data visualization are maps, charts and graphs. These elements help the viewer to easily understand the data’s pattern, trends or outliners. Today a large amount of data is available at public disposal. However, it needs to be analyzed for better decision making with proper visualization tools.

Interaction Design
Today digital products such as applications have become so popular that these are being used as powerful tools to spread message and information. There are different elements of digital products, and each element interacts with the user in a different way. Interaction design refers to a designing approach where designers focus on the ways a product & its elements will interact with the users. Through the interactive design of digital products, the necessary information is communicated to the end users.

Art and Illustrations
Instead of verbal and written communication, messages can be conveyed best to present, more clearly and significantly faster using graphics, illustrations, photographs or pictograms.

Visual Identity
Visual identity refers to symbols, logos, shapes or other visual elements that different brands use in order to act as their identity. These are easy to remember and at anytime a person witnesses the logo of a brand, he/she can corelate it with the brand.

Currently my client-based are mostly in Europe and in the US of A, with some also based in Australia and Indonesia - our country of origin.

For the recent years we have taken up a number of locally Indonesian-based projects as well, and have commenced to take up projects in the e-commerce development line of business too.

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